I am a graphic artist who loves to dance. I see dance all around me. I am compelled by the strength of the dancers on stage as they ‘speak’ to me. Dancing is the closest thing I have found to realizing the dream of flying.

As I edit the photographs of dancers I have taken I ask my self, “Who is the artist? . . . . the dancers? . . . the choreographer? . . . the musicians? . . . the composer? . . . the lighting and/or stage designers? . . . the photographer(audience)?” I think it is about relationships.

The photographs of dancers have grown into photographs of the world around me. I hunger to hold the beauty and wonder and power of the world I experience that I may study, perhaps understand something more than the surface. Now, these photographs are moving into a new direction and taking me along. Will I find something in the relationships?

All my photographs seem to be about relationships — We must have dark to have light and all the shades in-between. This is the choreography. So, I think of my photographs as ‘Interdepen-Dance’.



Contact the artist: MaryE@foxpath2.com